maanantai, 10. kesäkuu 2019, Helsinki, 2nd International Conference on Addiction & Psychiatry

Addiction 2019 invites Speakers, Researchers, Exhibitors, and Sponsors from everywhere throughout the world to join the conference which will be held June 10-11, 2019, Helsinki, Finland.
Addiction 2019 is an International Conference which unites researchers, youthful analysts, students and making the Congress an ideal stage to share encounters, pick up and assess rising advancements in Addiction medicine, Addiction Research and Therapy over the globe. Participating in this conference will be a good opportunity to meet personalities in the field of Addiction & Psychiatry and to learn the latest technological advancements.

Addiction Medicine
Addiction & Mental Health
Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
Addiction induced Brain Disorders
Dual Diagnosis - Mental Illness Co-happening with Substance Abuse
Psychiatry & Mental Health
CNS and Addictive Disorders
Child & Adolescence Behavioural Therapy
Marijuana and Opioid Dependence
Depression & Anxiety Disorders
Addiction and Youth
Medication-Assisted Treatment and Recovery
Behavioural & Multimedia Addiction
Addiction Case Report Studies
Addiction Rehabilitation & Recovery
Advanced Therapeutic Aspects for Addiction Recovery
New Insight in Addiction Research

2nd International Conference on Addiction & Psychiatry

Ryla iCamp 2019

Ryla iCamp 2019

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