keskiviikko, 08. toukokuu 2019, Tribe Tampere (P47), Creativity Room, BrainStormCorner - Make Your Ideas Reality (with TampereES and Mix&Match)

Let’s create a new project around your new idea!
HOW?  Let’s jolt our mind. You will join in a group of 3-4 people, in realistic and goal oriented discussion but with a larger than usual perspective (say ”the galaxy” or ”human lifespan”) We’ll connect the dots in a very wide variety of issues in society & technology. Identify problems, opportunities and ideas from the emerging picture. There are no stupid questions or silly ideas. Insights often come from surprising directions.
First, BrainStorm, then write down a project plan, complete with deadlines and tasks.
Let’s take real steps! You can start by cooperating with your discussion group after the event, or we can follow up and help you find other like minded people to join the project.

The event is organized together by BrainStormCorner, Tampere Entrepreneurship Society and Mix&Match.
Visit event partner websites at: and

Come get to know each participant and make new friends. Use BrainStormCorner methods to combine your understanding of key issues in technology, society, business and the world, and tackle together the BIG picture. The aim is to generate new insights and real projects for each other!

We start around 17:00 and can finish around 18:30 (but will continue if needed)

During & after the BrainStormCorner there will be an opportunity to network with the newly founded Tampere Inventors' Association, who are holding an event at the same place.

BrainStormCorner is a brand new, globally minded project and idea incubator You can participate in! Based in Tampere, Finland. Beta website launched

BrainStormCorner - Make Your Ideas Reality (with TampereES and Mix&Match)

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