maanantai, 29. huhtikuu 2019, Business Kitchen, Masterminds' Club: Business opportunities in urban design

We invite you to an open discussion club where entrepreneurs come together with entrepreneurs-to-be to share the secrets of a successful entrepreneurial career and discuss the leading business trends.
This time, the theme is "Looking for business opportunities in urban design". Together, we will learn more about buzzwords like smart city, "workability", and "future proofing" and figure out where to look for business opportunities. Our guest speaker is Helena Moring, a project manager at Karjasillan Verstas Business Lab (), which is a co-creation and test platform for Smart Building and Smart City solutions. Helena will help us learn about newly emerging trends in urban design that can lead to the establishment of new innovative ventures.
Masterminds' Club is an open discussion club, so get your questions ready to maximize this learning opportunity. Register by Apr 27th to let us know that you're coming.

Masterminds' Club: Business opportunities in urban design

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