torstai, 21. kesäkuu 2018, TBD, WomenHack - Helsinki 06/21 - Developer Ticket

You're invited to WomenHack, an invite-only recruiting event for women developers, designers, and product managers. Whether you are actively looking for your next challenge, or are curious about the hiring landscape, attending our events can help you gain an understanding of the market dynamics and see which companies will fit your requirements and support the growth of your career.

 Are you an employer? (Employers event page)

WomenHack gives you 15-20 ****-to-**** meetings (5 minutes each) with top tech companies in your city. Events are organized in a rapid format to keep it engaging and include a happy hour where you can meet even more companies and network with fellow female developers. 
Get an insider’s perspective on the various interesting technologies and projects that companies are working on, and the opportunity to meet engineers, managers, and even CTOs ****-to-****. Learn about companies’ benefits and team culture firsthand.
Meet and network with other fellow women in tech and build your network of trusted industry contacts. Healthy food and beverages are always provided! 
What if my employer is there?Don’t worry, we will send out the list of companies attending prior to the event. Our team also screens through each attendee to make sure there is no conflict of interest. Your employer will never be informed that you have signed up for this event. When you apply, please make sure to mention your current employer’s name on the signup form.
Do I have to be looking for a new job?While you don’t necessarily have to be actively looking for a new job, we’d like you to know that our event revolves around recruiting. It is an opportunity for both passive and active job seekers to explore what the market has to offer, speak with recruiters in a casual setting, and learn more about companies’ diversity and promotion policies.
What do I bring?It is always a good idea to print a few resumes and bring them along. We also suggest having your business cards handy.
What is the dress code?Business casual attire is always a safe choice: pants, khakis, skirt, open-collar shirt, knit shirt or sweater would work perfectly.
Why was I invited?To ensure the quality of our events, we are currently invite-only. If you received an invite, you were probably on our waitlist or were invited by someone on our developer relations team who thinks you might be a good fit for the companies looking to hire.
WomenHack Helsinki - Host
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WomenHack - Helsinki 06/21 - Developer Ticket

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